Mike_Larry Michael Travis and Larry Peterson are principal owners of TPECI. Mr. Travis started Travis Environmental Consulting in 1997, and Mr. Peterson formed L.A. Peterson & Associates, Inc. in 1979. Together, they founded TPECI in 1998.

Mr. Travis is a registered Professional Engineer in Alaska and heads the Anchorage office. Mr. Travis moved to Fairbanks with his family when he was a teenager. He attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks where he obtained his B.S. Degree in Fishery Biology and a M.S. Degree in Environmental Quality Science from the UAF School of Engineering. Prior to starting TPECI, Mr. Travis worked for Fluor Engineering and the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities. His titles included Vice President, Chief of Professional Services, and Environmental Engineer. While not at work, he enjoys golfing and flying his Aeronca Sedan around southcentral Alaska.

Mr. Peterson is an experienced project manager and manages TPECI. Mr. Peterson has a B.S. Degree in Biology and he completed his M.S. Degree in Environmental Health Science three years after moving to Fairbanks with his wife in 1970. Mr. Peterson worked at Dames & Moore before forming L.A. Peterson & Associates, Inc. in 1979. He also worked for America North, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and RZA AGRA while maintaining L.A. Peterson & Associates. Mr. Peterson has worked on numerous mining development projects, environmental assessments, water quality assessments, and various development projects throughout Alaska. While not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and golfing.

TPECI employs a full-time staff of engineers, biologists, geologists, and environmental scientists as well as additional seasonal staff.