Petroleum Refinery Storm Water Treatment System Design, Engineering, and Construction

TPECI operated as the prime contractor designing, permitting, and overseeing project construction for a comprehensive storm water treatment system at a major petroleum refinery in Alaska. TPECI worked with the client to determine project scale and treatment objectives. Then coordinated with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to determine treatment requirements and permit for the proposed system. The project included oversight of mechanical and construction subcontractors to meet client goals. At completion of the project, client received a regulatory-compliant, turn-key storm water treatment system.


Exploratory Mining Front-End Environmental Baseline Study

TPECI utilized a multi-faceted approach in collecting environmental baseline data for a potential mineral resource prospect in northwest Alaska.  TPECI conducted these studies in preparation for NEPA permitting. Environmental baseline information included air quality monitoring, surface hydrology data, fisheries presence and distribution studies, vegetation analyses, and soils collection and analyses were obtained throughout the study period.  TPECI compiled data and prepared the project for implementation.


Barrow Bulk Fuel Storage Contingency Plan

TPECI fulfilled client needs by preparing a comprehensive facility Contingency Plan (C-Plan). TPECI interfaced with regulatory agencies and prepared additional compliance documents including a Coast Guard Operations Manual and Facility Response Plan as well as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Emergency Response Action Plan.

North Slope Rig and Man Camp, SPCC Plan

TPECI conducted a comprehensive spill prevention and containment evaluation for two full-scale oil drilling rigs and two operational support man camps located on the North Slope of Alaska. The spill and containment site inspection required detailed volumetric calculations and inspection of secondary and tertiary containment measures. The SPCC Plans met client needs and fulfilled regulatory requirements.

Unalaska Soil

Dutch Harbor Contaminated Site Field Screening and Onsite Environmental Management

TPECI acted as onsite environmental management for a large-scale project plagued with historical petroleum and hazardous waste contamination. TPECI staff worked to direct excavation, managed excavated materials, and supervised all onsite workers to prevent the spread of contamination.

Remote Work Camp Drinking Water Treatment System Design & Permitting

TPECI designed and permitted a large man camp public drinking water treatment system for a gold mine in interior Alaska through the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation drinking water engineering plan review process. This project required an assessment of the existing treatment system, engineering design to meet treatment criteria, and system as-built inspections of the completed treatment works.  The finished system was permitted and provided safe drinking water for the employees of the facility.

Oil & Gas Permitting

TPECI was responsible for collecting background field data in preparation for full-scale permitting of an oil and gas exploration project in southcentral Alaska. TPECI collected data related to historical contamination on the property and identified potential, existing industrial impacts.  TPECI also collected wetland data and marked wetland boundaries to allow for road and drill pad design and placement.  TPECI partnered with a subcontractor to collect fish distribution and population data to supplement regionally available information.  Finally, designed fish passage compliant culverts and bridges, and worked to prepare a comprehensive permitting package.


Eagle River Residential Development Wetland Permitting

TPECI conducted a detailed wetland delineation, marked wetland boundaries, coordinated with project survey crews, and completed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetland permit application for a proposed residential development project in Eagle River, Alaska.


Unalakleet Spill Response

TPECI responded to a bulk fuel storage facility spill in Unalakleet, Alaska.  TPECI personnel acted as onsite cleanup manager and coordinated with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure regulatory compliance was maintained throughout the response process. TPECI managed onsite staff, provided and implemented emergency spill response equipment, and supervised the cleanup process. TPECI continued the cleanup process by managing the site after the initial response to process and oversaw disposal of the contaminated materials.

Spill Response

Unalaska Island Broad Bay EA

TPECI conducted environmental research and performed an onsite evaluation for a materials site located on Unalaska Island. TPECI delineated the wetland, assessed the essential fish habitat, performed the endangered species consultation, and developed a cultural resources study. TPECI worked with the BIA and their clients to prepared the EA. A FONSI was issued by the BIA and the material site became commissioned to satisfy gravel needs for the community of Unalaska.